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Detroit | Ento is a sustainable urban protein firm focusing on locally reared insects for food and feed



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Why Insects?

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It is 2050 and the world population is 9 billion

To feed this population, current food production will need to almost double 

2 billion people already eat insects; not consumed as a famine food, but for palatability and nutrition

"...deforestation. The Amazon is a case in point: pasture now accounts for 70 percent of previously forested land, with feed crops covering a large part of the remainder"

"livestock production accounts for 70 percent of all agricultural land use"

"the production of 1 lb of chicken requires 280 gallons of water, 1 lb of pork requires 420 gallons and 1 lb of beef requires 2,500 gallons, with estimates for the latter reaching as high as 5,000 gallons"--1 lb of crickets require 1 gallon

"up to 80 percent of a cricket is edible and digestible compared with 55 percent for chicken and pigs and 40 percent for cattle. This means that crickets are twice as efficient in converting feed to meat as chicken, at least four times more efficient than pigs, and 12 times more efficient than cattle"

1900 species of insect are identified as being consumed worldwide

Crickets are in the same phylum as Lobster and Shrimp





At the heart of Detroit Ento, our care and focus go deeply into food, the environment and the socio-economic conditions that keep individuals impoverished. From this, we maintain a strong, long-term focus and commitment toward hiring and building Ag-Tech and manufacturing skills development for local Detroiters, so that the next generation can be adequately equipped to take on the diverse challenges of food production and population growth.